February 1, 2021

Buy with Confidence, Sell with Success!

Is this the year for change? I think we can all agree that 2020 was already life changing for many of us, and it’s looking like 2021 will continue to be a year of transition. Vaccines are providing a glimmer of hope for these pandemic times but that hope is far out on the horizon. What this might mean for many families is that 2021 represents an ideal opportunity to rethink how we both live and work. You might be thinking of downsizing to something a little smaller and more manageable due to the fluctuating employment and economic situation, or perhaps you’re thinking now is the perfect time to expand your living space, that a home office might be nice and a bigger property for the kids to play in would be ideal. Whatever your situation, it’s time I introduce myself as your realtor of choice, one who can help you buy with confidence and sell with success!


I’m John Burdi and to say that I know the real estate market in Vaughan is a bit like stating, “Canadian winters are cold!” In other words – it’s a fact you can rely on. I’ve literally spent my entire life in the area; as a kid and teen, working part time, then marriage, parenthood and a career working in the condominium, property management and real estate industry – all right here in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Kleinberg. If there is a hidden gem, I know about it. Searching for the best bakery, a neighbourhood café or a great place for take-out? I can help! If you’re looking for a beautiful walking trail where you can spend time outdoors with your family, I can share the perfect location. In other words, when you work together with me to find your ideal place to call home, ask me anything! Chances are I’ve shopped, dined, lived, attended school, purchased groceries or taken a book out of the library in the neighbourhood you’re looking at. In fact, this seems like the perfect opportunity to share…….. 

Key considerations for homeowners shopping for a new home. They include:• Proximity to great schools whether you are looking for Private, French, Catholic or a Public school education.• Amenities in the neighbourhood like recreation centres, a public library, or a community park for the kids to play in.

• Easy access to shopping, home improvement stores, groceries and “extras” like how close is the local movie theatre (for those times in the future when we can go out again!)

• Traffic patterns near your home. Families with young children might be looking for a quieter street and neighbourhood, a cul de sac where the kids can play road hockey while those with teens might want to be closer to part time employment opportunities.

• You might be looking for proximity to major highways for when that day comes that some of us will return to working in an office.• Property taxes in the community you wish to live in are another important consideration.

• Take a tour of the neighbourhood both in the car and on foot. Get a “feel” for what it’s like. Are families outside walking, talking to neighbours? Kids playing? If you are looking for your retirement years you might particularly want to know what kind of neighbours surround you, perhaps the quieter the better! 


This list is by no means exhaustive and I’m happy to share more when we meet. As well, frankly, this list can also apply to sellers. What I mean is, these are the kinds of features you will want your agent to highlight when selling your home. It’s important that an agent truly takes the time to discuss with both buyers and sellers exactly what they are looking for in a home. In fact, I believe it is one of the most responsible and respectful things I can do as your Realtor – entering into a dialogue to truly understand what you want when making one of the largest investments of your life – ensures that together our focus is on 


“the right home, in the right neighbourhood for the right price.” 

 Now, more than ever, this is so important because shopping or selling a home during a pandemic can be panic inducing. Knowing exactly what you want and need ensures we’re only visiting those homes that truly fit your requirements.  


Dedication, integrity and trust are values I hold above all else. I consider it a point of pride to foster great relationships with all the families I work with, many of whom have gone on to become friends and neighbours. This isn’t “just a transaction” for me, it’s about helping families feel fulfilled, content and at peace with the place they call home. It’s about helping folks throughout the process with a true “customer-centered” approach. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or even looking for investment opportunities, I’m John Burdi and I represent the Evolution of Realty – helping families buy with confidence and sell with success! 


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