May 1, 2022

Radical (and Reasonable) Renovations

Renovated living room with matching furniture wall decorations and plants

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spruce up your home? Even if you adore your home, there will always be an area that you feel needs a little more attention. The dining room perhaps feels disorganized. Or maybe the kitchen island you installed with all the zeal isn’t used anymore. Whether you want to boost the value of your home before selling it or closing on a home you can’t wait to make your own, a renovation or remodeling project is almost certainly in your future. It’s a bright spot on the horizon when you can renovate your home in a beautiful but cost-effective manner. Keep reading to learn about low-cost, high-quality renovations that will boost your home’s value. The list is sorted by project cost in ascending order.

1. Refresh:

A fresh coat of paint can liven up a home’s inside and make it look brand new and spacious. Colors that are neutral are the most popular.

2. Floors done right:

Hard surfaces are all the rage these days. If hardwood and natural stone flooring are out of your budget range, laminate and ceramic are good alternatives. Hard floors in the living room, dining room, and even the bathrooms and bedrooms appeal to buyers.

3. Brighten up:

Light fixtures, electrical outlets, and light cover plates that are old or standard-grade can quickly date a home. Consider replacing your light fixtures to bring your space up to date. Wherever possible, go green and use the compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs.

4. Maintained lawns:

Keep front lawns neat to boost curb appeal and impress purchasers. A home can be made more attractive by adding some modest basic bushes and flowers.

5. Sleek steel:

Knobs, fume hoods, and backsplashes, like vintage light fixtures, may make a kitchen appear obsolete. Those planning to buy a property are most influenced by sleek, stainless steel hardware designs.

6. Elegant entrance:

A beautiful entrance improves a potential buyer’s first impression of the house.

7. Decking the fence with style:

Adding a fence and a deck to a property quickly improves its curb appeal. Fences add a sense of completion to the back and side yards, and as the saying goes, “Great fences make good neighbors!”

8. Bathrooms:

Homebuyers are increasingly seeing a main-floor bathroom as a must-have feature in their next purchase. Because many older homes only have bathrooms on the second floor, many homeowners are converting closets or creating new rooms to make place for restrooms.

9. Luxurious en suite:

Today’s homeowner loves spa-style tubs and sophisticated faucets in their bathrooms. Tiles made of granite and marble can be purchased for a reasonable price.

10. The heart of your house:

Because people spend more time in the kitchen than in any other area, it’s no wonder that they want it to be as stylish and useful as possible. Stainless steel appliances, ceramic sinks, and sleek cabinet lines are the most popular finishes. Also, when you need a rapid style change and money is an issue, painting your kitchen cabinets is nearly always the best way to go.

If done tastefully, remodeling doesn’t require you to spend through your nose.

Are you looking for professional help for your budget-friendly renovation process? If yes, contact John Burdi right away. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate sector, our experts will hit the ground running in no time and ensure satisfactory results.

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