Seller Services Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with my Real Estate services, you may transfer your listing agreement to another sales representative at Re/Max West Realty Inc. at any time.  I am so confident in my ability to market your home or investment property, negotiate offers, and guide you into a firm Agreement of Purchase and Sale that I am offering you an “easy out“ option if you are not satisfied with my services.

While I don’t anticipate this occurring, I do wish to create a comfortable business relationship based on trust
Here’s some legal fine print:
  • This transfer offer is open for acceptance by you within 60 days of signing the Listing Agreement;
  • You must notify me in writing of your intention to exercise this guarantee offer;
  • Please allow 2 business days for removal of any lawn sign and up-date on the Multiple Listing Service.

I understand that every seller’s situation is unique and may change.  This is why I have created this easy out transfer program.  And to take it one step further, if you do not wish to transfer the Listing Agreement to another agent at Re/Max West Realty Inc., then you may cancel the Listing Agreement in the same manner as indicated above.  At that point, any marketing costs incurred (including photography, staging, brochures, etc.) shall be reimbursed by you to me directly within 5 business days after your notice of intention to take it one step further. (Upon receiving your notice to take it one step further, I will provide you with an invoice and supporting cost breakdown)
For more information regarding my Satisfaction Guarantee, contact me.